The Church on the Hill Community Nursery School is a developmentally appropriate early childhood program.  The children learn in an environment through hands-on experiences.  Our program is individualized, enriched and multi-cultural.

The children are provided with a wide range of activities geared to meet their needs.  The various learning centers and teachers encourage your child to engage in activities such as:  manipulative and conceptual materials, block building, art, science, social studies, cooking, water play, music and movement, dramatic play, outdoor play and a wide variety of language experiences.  

Our goal at the Community Nursery School is to help children develop a positive self-image and to be successful at what they do.  The non-competitive and nurturing atmosphere where each child develops at his or her own rate allows children the opportunity to experience their environment to its fullest extent.



Annual tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is (PENDING) for a ten month term. 

There is also a Non-Refundable $200 registration and insurance fee.



The three year old session is five half days weekly, Monday through Friday from 8:30-12:30 am.



Tuition is payable in four installments:

Due upon registration      

Due JUNE 1, 2019          

Due OCTOBER 1, 2019               

Due MARCH 1 , 2020                    

Total cost:                        

Please make checks payable to:   Community Nursery School



A completed medical form, which we supply, is required. As per the New York City Department of Health, no child will be allowed to start school without a completed medical form.



Enrollment is for a ten month term, subject to the rules of the Department of Health of New York City.  We reserve the right to cancel this enrollment.



If you withdraw your child prior to June 1, 2019, your tuition payment of (PENDING) will be refunded.  The registration and insurance fees are non-refundable.

If the withdrawal date is after June 1, 2019, you will forfeit (PENDING) which is equal to one month’s tuition.  The registration and insurance fees are non-refundable.

A written request is necessary in order to qualify for a refund.